UPDATE 28 May 2020

MSE Podiatry has resumed normal practice hours.

After 20 years in Monbulk, I am hanging up my clippers.


My final day will be the 3rd July, 2020.

I am so grateful for the lovely memories I will take with me.

Warmest regards,



MSE was founded in 2004 by Lisa Merrett. It is an independent Podiatry clinic that prides itself on individual patient support. MSE Podiatry offers all aspects of Podiatric care including nail treatment, ingrown toenail surgery, corn and callus removal, and biomechanical assessments. This latter category includes gait assessment to investigate the causative factors for heel pain, achilles pain, knee and hip pain, and lower back discomfort. 

If you are avoiding making a Podiatry appointment due to the potential cost of orthotics - please don't fear. I very rarely suggest orthotics as the first line of treatment. Instead I will look at other simple, yet overseen causes that may be causing your pain.





Years of Experience

Who will be helping you?

Dr. Lisa Merrett


I have been a Podiatrist for over 20 years, graduating from

La Trobe University in 1997. Over the years I have enjoyed learning about a variety of other health professions so I can meld complimentary therapeutic options into my treatment style.


My original interest in Podiatry stemmed from participating in Athletics at a National level. Podiatry was the one profession that helped with my various injuries and it inspired me to undertake a degree in Podiatry.

I enjoy and practice all aspects of Podiatric care including nail surgery.  My practice technique incorporates theories from Pilates, The Alexander Technique, Yoga and massage therapy.



I put off getting my ingrown toenail looked at for years because I was too scared the treatment would hurt too much. It didn't.  I wish I had have come sooner.

I have my feet treated every 6 weeks at MSE Podiatry. They have never felt better.

My little boy needed some orthotics. He was so nervous but was made to feel at ease. The orthotics have stopped all his foot pain.







Monbulk Family Clinic (Allied Health Clinic)

5 Mt Pleasant Rd

 Tel: 9752 1455

Opening Hours

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays 8.30am - 5.30pm

Alternate Saturdays 8.30 am - 1pm

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