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Winter is here! Cold feet and chilblains

When winter hits the hills and the frosty, bitter mornings set in, our feet can be the target of cold with dreaded chilblains.

What are they? Chilblains are red or purple swellings that develop on our skin with exposure to the cold. They can be quite itchy or painful with often a burning sensation experienced and if left untreated, they can break down and ulcerate, which is more difficult to treat and a concern if you have diabetes or compromised circulation. Good news is, there are podiatrists to help treat this condition and recommend a range of topical creams to ease symptoms so they can heal before they become problematic!

Our podiatrists can give you a good management plan of how to avoid chilblains for happier winter feet! Try our new Akileine Cold Foot Cream which combines natural plant extracts that are well known for their dermo-protective properties and act as a warming agent.

This Month’s TIP for Chilblains; - Remember after being in the cold, never heat the feet quickly by warming them up in front of a hot fireplace or heater, as the extremities of temperature will only increase the itchiness of the chilblains. Instead, warm your body gradually by putting extra layers on with warm thick socks and exercising, such as walking.

With accurate diagnosis and initial treatment with your podiatrist, chilblains should settle down in a few weeks and hopefully by then the warmer weather is welcomed!

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